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Cleanings and Exams

Preventative Dental Care is Important at Every Age!

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Preventive dental care is important at every age. You can practice good oral hygiene at home and by scheduling regular checkups with our experienced and dedicated team.

Schedule Your Dental Exam

The ADA recommends visiting your dentist every six months for a professional teeth cleaning and exams. If it's been six months since your last dental checkup, please contact our team to request your appointment. Prevention is key to avoiding costly oral care issues and time spent in the office.

Your Dental Exam

During your exam, Dr. Harriman will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other health problems. We may want to take X-Rays to see what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. Whether these X-Rays are traditional or digital, the images provided will help our team discover dental issues not visible to the naked eye.

Professional Cleaning

Your dental hygienist will determine if you have any cavities and examine the quality of existing fillings. Our hygienist will perform a Periodontal exam to make sure your gums are healthy. Your hygienist will carefully clean and floss your teeth, use a polishing compound, and apply fluoride. Cleanings usually aren't painful, but if you have any anxiety about your dental exam, be sure to let your hygienist know. 

Prevention is Key

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent complicated dental issues in the future. 

Brush Your Teeth

  • ​Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth at least twice each day

  • Use fluoride toothpaste

  • Brush the top surface of your tongue to help keep your breath fresh by removing any plaque-causing food particles

Floss Between Your Teeth

Floss between your teeth at least once a day to remove food particles and plaque

Use Mouthwash

Use a mouthwash to help kill bacteria and freshen your breath


Eat a Balanced Diet

When you eat a healthy and balanced diet, low in sugar and rich in nutrients, you can help keep your teeth and mouth

healthy and strong.

Call us or use our online form to schedule your next appointment!

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