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Dr. Harriman’s Tips To Reach Your Oral Health Goals

When you put together personal goals, your oral health goals may not be top of mind, but Karen Harriman, DDS is here to assure you that your oral health is crucial for your overall health and happiness. As part of Oral Health Month in June, Dr. Harriman shares her tips on how to set your oral health goals and how to successfully achieve these.

Setting Your Oral Health Goals

Dr. Harriman’s recommended oral health goals include:

  1. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day

  2. Flossing your teeth 1-2 times per day

  3. Visiting Dr. Harriman’s dental practice in Falls Church at least twice a year for a professional cleaning, check-up, and oral cancer screening

  4. Reducing staining

  5. Visit the dentist as soon as possible if you experience any dental pain

  6. Do not delay any recommended treatments e.g. teeth grinding, gum disease, bite misalignment, chipped tooth, etc

Achieving Your Oral Health Goals

Dr. Harriman’s biggest piece of advice is to prioritize your dental health — this means:

  1. Make time to brush and floss your teeth daily — if you fall asleep in front of the TV, you clean your teeth before you’re too tired. Carry around a mini floss if you can to clean your teeth after meals even when you are out

  2. Make and attend appointments at your Falls Church dentist

  3. Use an electric toothbrush as it’s been clinically proven to remove more plaque than a regular toothbrush

  4. Get the recommended treatment for your dental issues before they become bigger, more painful and more costly

  5. Get dental X-rays as recommended by your dentist so issues can be caught early

  6. If you suffer from confidence issues due to crooked or stained teeth, take action by achieving great results through Invisalign and teeth whitening

  7. Your diet can hugely affect your oral health, so it’s important to reduce your sugar consumption to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay

  8. Quit smoking as it’s a known factor for poor oral health and gum disease

Great oral health is a lifelong commitment and the earlier you start taking care of your teeth the better, but at our dental office in Falls Church, we have solutions to help manage any oral issues you may experience, no matter how small or large. If you have young children, we will help you instill positive oral health habits to ensure they have a healthy mouth and live a life without dental pain.

Reach out to our team today to discuss your oral health goals and arrange your next check-up.


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