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Smile Makeover: Is it Possible to Get New Teeth in a Day?

When you’ve been hiding your teeth for years, it’s hard to believe there could be a solution to create the smile you’ve been dreaming about, let alone one that can be fixed in a day. However, one of the amazing things about modern dentistry is there are solutions such as “teeth in a day” that provide quick and beautiful results in no time.

What are “teeth in a day”?

This dental procedure produces a set of fully functioning teeth in one day so the patient can leave the dental office with a new and improved smile, and even be able to eat normally straight away. However, these are temporary implants, and within 2-4 months will be replaced with bespoke permanent dental implants.

Kathleen's Smile Makeover Experience

In January, we began a new treatment plan for Kathleen, one of our longtime patients who was suffering from several dental issues, including severe dry mouth, missing molars, a loss of vertical dimension (which makes it appear as though your mouth is weakened), and movement in many of her remaining teeth. Kathleen had worn partial dentures for over 10 years but was unhappy with her smile for both aesthetic reasons and due to a loss of function and discomfort.

Together with Kathleen, we agreed that the best treatment plan would include “teeth in a day” to deliver a smile she would be proud of.

This procedure is possible as a general dentist works alongside an oral surgeon, in our case the talented Dr. Arazadon, during the appointment to develop implant-supported prostheses. Kathleen is currently being treated by Dr. Harriman — she has had her first set of implant-supported prostheses placed, including having both arches replaced, and in several months, we will be able to install her permanent new set of teeth.

Even with her temporary teeth, Kathleen has expressed huge gratitude for her new smile, which she feels has given her a more youthful look and also made eating more comfortable as her bite has significantly improved. As her implants heal, she will regain full function of her mouth and be able to enjoy all the food she has had to avoid for so many years which is a very exciting prospect.

In the longer term, Kathleen will visit our practice two times a year for cleaning and once a year to have her new teeth checked and maintained by Dr. Harriman.

So, is it possible to get a new smile in a day? Absolutely. Contact us or request an appointment to discuss your options and make the change you’ve been looking for.


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