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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

If you have an appointment please fill out a simple COVID-19 risk assessment patient disclosure form before your visit.

Our dental practice is open and actively seeing patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes regular visits for exams, cleanings, and X-Rays. As our patient, your safety and well-being are our highest priorities.

To prevent the spread of any disease, including COVID-19, our office has and continues to follow strict American Dental Association, CDC and OSHA guidelines regarding infection control practices.

Our Standardized Measures Include:

  1. Wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment

  2. Following proper hand hygiene

  3. Using hospital-grade surface disinfectants and appropriately sterilizing instruments and equipment

  4. Upgrading to MERV 13 filters in our HVAC system

  5. Installing HEPA air purifiers with Ultra Violet lights in each operatory that are activated for 30 minutes after every appointment

  6. Implementing nightly ozone treatments, which has fully dissipated by the next day

  7. Implementing nightly ozone treatments. Ozone has been proven effective against other forms of coronavirus and is being tested against COVID-19

COVID-19 Protocols

  1. Our appointments have been limited to reduce the number of patients in our office on a daily basis

  2. Patients are required to wear a face mask or face covering when arriving at our office. We do not have extra masks, as supplies are limited

  3. Patients will be screened at our office including a temperature check

  4. Only appointment-holders will be allowed to enter the office, unless there are extenuating circumstances

  5. Our waiting rooms are for patients only and will obey social distancing. Patients are asked to wait in their car until they are called for their appointment

We look forward to serving you soon!

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