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How the VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier Keeps You Safe at our Dental Practice

As we find ourselves in the middle of yet another wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to do everything we can in our power to protect our patients and dental team at Karen Harriman DDS in Falls Church from the latest Covid-19 variant. One of the new additions to our office is the VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier.

What is an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are designed to remove a variety of unwanted airborne substances, such as odors, allergens, and dust. Most air filters function via a fan and a filter, where the fan continuously removes air in the room and passes that air through its filters. The pollutants are trapped in the filter and the air is forced back out into the room with fewer pollutants than before.

Can an Air Purifier Stop Covid-19 from Spreading?

Yes! VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers kill Coronavirus in the air. Its unique combination of medical-grade filters and pre-filters with a UV reactor chamber kills 99.9999% of airborne viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus and Influenza, on a single air pass.

This air purifier contains a medical-grade pre-filter to filter dirty air, a carbon filter to neutralize toxic air, and a HEPA filter to sterilize air. After passing through the filters, the air drawn in by the unit is pulled through a UV-C chamber, where short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C light) inactivates airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and viruses so that they can’t spread.

What Other Precautions Are We Taking?

In addition to this impressive air filtering system, we of course are taking every other precaution available to avoid Covid-19 spreading. You can rest assured that our entire team is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and we continue to follow all the CDC, OSHA, and ADA protocols and guidance regarding the safety of our patients, such as special disinfecting procedures after each patient and the use of PPE. We also require all of our patients to wear a mask in the public areas of our practice and we screen patients on arrival for any symptoms connected to Covid-19.

As we often say, oral health is extremely important for your overall health, so it’s important that you don’t leave your oral hygiene and care behind because of the pandemic. We will do everything in our power to ensure your visit is a safe one and our brilliant team is happy to discuss any of your concerns with you.

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